The Story


Hook & Fly was born of the water, but not on the water. It was born at dawn, riding the brake pedal on a jam-packed freeway. In an afternoon cubicle, spreadsheet cells dissolving into the screen. Late at night, headlights warding off the encroaching darkness on that long haul up I-95. In the hum of a tractor, in the static of a conference call. In the handle of a briefcase, in the steel toe of a work boot. Hook & Fly was born through an obsession that carries us through the daily grind of life.

Fishing represents many things to each of us. Whether it’s the primal thrill of the hunt, the technical satisfaction of a brilliant cast, or the tranquil beauty of a blood orange sunset melting the mountains into the water, for 99% of us, these feelings are fleeting. We dream of filing those resignation papers, but reality demands that our time be devoted to careers, families and daily responsibilities. 


Our souls, however, are devoted to the water, and our love of fishing lets us escape the stress of the daily grind.


Hook & Fly is a reflection of this devotion. H&F represents the passion that gets us through those difficult personal times, those stressful days at work, those everyday challenges. H&F is the embodiment of a fisherman’s happy place!

I created Hook & Fly because I want to make quality apparel that will keep fishermen dry, comfortable and squarely in their happy place every single day, whether you are on the water 3 days per year, or 300. We fishermen deserve clothing that stands up to both the river and the daily grind, while reminding us of who we are and what we love to do.

Materials that don’t quit, because we don’t have that luxury. A logo that transports us to a day on the water with our friends, our loved ones, or just the wind rustling through the trees.

Comfort for the body and soul, on the water and off.