Premium Materials


Hook & Fly’s Stretch bamboo fleece jacket is an incredible innovative material we are excited to bring to the angling community. What do you get when you blend Bamboo Rayon with cotton, spandex, and knit it into fleece? A game changer in the technical angling apparel market. You get all the incredible natural bamboo properties of being amazingly breathable, moisture wicking, anti-bacterial, anti-odor, with extraordinary comfort but you have a performance garment that little stretches and feels apart of you. Whether you are casting a dry fly 30 feet on a crisp spring morning to a beautiful rising brown trout or need a hero cast in November on that snowy, rainy musky river, this is the perfect mid-layer garment.

• Lightweight, thin fabric
• Unparalleled comfort, softness
• Deep Zipper pockets
• Incredible stretch, no restriction when you need that hero cast
• Bamboo has natural UPF properties
• Bamboo is naturally anti- bacterial, and thus stops odor producing bacteria from growing or, allowing clothing to be more hygienic and remain fresher smelling
• Bamboo is highly absorbent and wicks away moisture 3 to 4 times faster than cotton and certain synthetic materials




Hook & Fly’s Long Sleeve Bamboo Shirts are the premier bamboo shirt in the angling market. Blending bamboo viscose fibers (70%) with organic cotton fibers (30%) gives the fabric the ultimate properties you demand out of “performance” apparel. Incredibly soft, and breathable with natural UPF, anti-microbial and moisture-wicking properties, this shirt will keep you comfortable and dry all day, on the water or off. We have yet to find a shirt that feels like a Hook & Fly shirt.

• Bamboo is an eco-friendly fiber with natural UPF and sweat-resistant properties
• Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial, and thus prevents odor producing bacteria from growing, thus allowing bamboo clothing to be more hygienic and remain smelling fresh
• Bamboo wicks away moisture 3 to 4 times faster than cotton and certain synthetic materials
• Bamboo fiber construction makes clothing more breathable and thermos regulating than cotton

Introducing the next generation in fishing base layer technology. Blending the best two natural materials in the world - Bamboo and Merino wool - results in a garment that benefits from the best of both worlds in warmth and comfort. Our Bamboo and Merino blend base layer features:

• A soft, form-fitting cut sits next to your skin for effective layering, to help minimize any of that pesky “bunching” under your waders

• Seams designed for 360 degree movement and stretch in all the right places provide for maximum performance when casting or running after the fish of a lifetime

• Bamboo / Merino pants are designed to help minimize any “bunching” in waders

• Unparalleled comfort from the best of both worlds: this base layer balances the thermo-regulating warmth of Merino wool with the softness and breathability of Bamboo. You are going to want to sleep in this base layer!

• Bamboo and Merino wool both contain fantastic moisture wicking properties to keep you dry and comfortable all day, on the water and off

• Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial and prevents the growth of odor producing bacteria, resulting in a hygienic base layer that can handle the abuse and stay smelling fresh

•Garment is made up of Bamboo (67%), Merino Wool (28%), and Spandex (5%)