Fly Fishing Apparel

Whether you are casting a dry fly on a riverbank, standing in a river on a cool September morning, or spending the afternoon in a cubicle, we offer comfortable apparel for any occasion. Hook & Fly began as an attempt to represent the devotion to everyday work. For many of us, fishing is the passion that waits for us at the end of a stressful day or week. Our apparel represents the commitment to life’s responsibilities and the comfort the comes from escaping the daily grind.

We redefine comfort by making our clothes with blends of bamboo rayon, cotton, spandex, and fleece. Bamboo creates material that is breathable, moisture wicking, anti-bacterial, anti-odor, and extraordinarily soft. The Hook & Fly stretch fleece bamboo jacket is the perfect mid-layer garment for both fly fishing and everyday use. Its lightweight, unparalleled softness, and perfect amount of stretchiness make the garment functional for fishing and comfortable for lounging.

Hook & Fly offers high-quality, durable materials for any occasion. Whether you’re on the water 3 days per year or 300, our premium clothing provides comfort for the body and soul. Relax in our breathable, warm merino wool mock top or in our eco-friendly bamboo long sleeve. Find out more about Hook & Fly and our story by visiting our website.

What to Consider When Choosing Fly Fishing Apparel

When preparing for a fishing trip, ask yourself what the weather will be like and what kind of fishing you’ll be doing. A general rule of thumb in preparing for a fishing trip is to bring layers. Lightweight, breathable layers that you can easily take on and off will keep you comfortable despite changing temperatures.

When choosing fly fishing apparel, keep your eye out for the best material. Eco-friendly materials last longer and are better for the environment than cheap nylon or acrylic fabric. The experts at Hook & Fly have created the next generation of fishing base layer clothing by combining merino wool and bamboo to deliver unparalleled comfort. Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, so bad odors and harmful bacteria do not cling to the fabric. Bamboo wicks away moisture 4x faster than cotton and other synthetic materials. Visit our website for more information on our premium materials and how they will add a layer of luxury to any workday or fishing trip.

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Visit us online to find quality materials that don’t quit. We have redefined comfort by offering fly fishing apparel that doubles as comfortable, casual work-wear. Online you will find our story, a full description of the materials we use, and answers to our FAQs. For questions or to speak to a customer service representative, visit our contact page.