How to Choose a Base Layer

When preparing for a fishing trip, the right clothing can make all the difference. Warm weather requires breathable material that dries quickly and wicks off water. During the autumn and winter seasons, finding a warm base layer that also allows for maximum mobility is crucial. Finding the right base layer can be difficult, especially since the most popular name-brand apparel often has an outrageously high price.

The team at Hook & Fly presents the next generation in fishing base layer technology. We’ve blended bamboo and Merino wool to make a garment that leads the industry in softness and durability. Both bamboo and Merino wool wick away water and prevent the growth of odorous bacteria. Our warm base layer doesn’t bunch up, and it allows for extra outerwear to provide additional protection.

Hook & Fly represents the passion that gets us through a hard work day and into the water. We choose materials that don’t quit. We design our apparel for those who are devoted to the everyday grind. Our apparel is soft, durable, and perfect for escaping to a river, mountain, or wherever your happy place may be. Visit us online to browse our premium selection of base layers, hats, and jackets.

How Bamboo + Merino Wool Makes the Best Base Layer

Bamboo is an extremely durable and resilient fiber that is stronger than cotton and polyester. Studies have found that bamboo wicks away 4x more water than cotton blends. Not only is bamboo breathable and thermoregulating, it is exceptionally eco-friendly. Bamboo is a biodegradable material that takes very little water to grow. It thrives naturally without any pesticides or fertilizers. Base layers made out of bamboo protect the wearer from 97.5% of harmful UV rays. Since bacteria have a hard time growing in bamboo-based materials, your Hook & Fly base layer will stay odorless for days.

Like bamboo, Merino wool helps reduce the unpleasant smell caused by sweat. Due to the natural crimp in its active fibers, Merino wool base layers keep you cool in hot conditions and warm in cool conditions. Unlike cotton, Merino wool can transfer moisture away from the body and help the wearer feel less clammy.

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Hook and Fly’s premium bamboo/merino wool base layer is form-fitting and unparalleled in comfort. It does not bunch, allowing the wearer to wear several external layers and still retain 100% mobility. Our base layer is made from 67% bamboo, 28% Merino wool, and 5% spandex. Visit us online today to shop our soft, durable, and affordable base layers.